Marlo History

Marlo History

Marlo is a small town in Far East Gippsland, Victoria. It is most well-known as the town where 'the Snowy meets the sea', as the Snowy River meets and flows into the Southern Ocean.

The name 'Marlo' is generally believed to have origins in tribal Aboriginal language.

Local Indigenous people reportedly used 'Marloo' meaning 'muddy banks'.

In around 1875, James Stirling was the first settler to occupy the town, where he built a bark hut on the bluff.

By 1884, this structure had expanded to a nine-roomed accommodation house and in 1886 became the Marlo Hotel when a liquor license was granted.

By 1889, Marlo was officially declared a township.

Marlo, and its surrounding areas, boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoilt waterways in Victoria, including the Snowy Inlet.

Marlo is a great spot to go fishing all year around, producing some of the best perch and bream.

For those who love to catch waves, Cape Conran is perfect for surfing, swimming, and rock pooling.

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Where the Snowy meets the sea

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