Cabbage Tree Palms

Cabbage Tree Palms

Follow a rambling track into Australia's southernmost stand of rare Cabbage Fan Palms on the Cabbage Tree Palms walk.

The Cabbage Tree Palm grows naturally in the lowland forest and swamps of southern Queensland and along the east coast of Australia, and occurs further south than any other Australian palm species.

These palms dominate the walk, and as you walk through the tropical area, you may even hear the mimicking calls of a superb male lyrebird engaging in his courtship serenade.

It is a level two walk, meaning that no experience is required. The track is hardened gravel or compacted surface, and may have a gentle hill section and some steps.

To get there, follow the signs from Marlo in the direction of cape Conran and watch for the signed turn off to Cabbage Tree Palms. Or, if traveling between Orbost and Cabbage Tree Creek along the Princes Highway, watch for the signed turn-off to Palm Track, which is an unsealed road. From here, the Palms are about 5.5km.

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